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“Sina Habari Nao” Phoina Reveals Why She Doesn’t Date Kenyan Men

Diana Marua’s friend Phoina Tosha says the last time she dated a Kenyan man was years back when she was still a student.

According to her she doesn’t have any information regarding Kenyan men.

She however admitted that they are good men.

“I don’t know about Kenyan men, I think the last time I dated a Kenyan man was in College, Mr. Africa who is still my friend. It’s been a while since I dated a Kenyan man, so I don’t know sina habari nao, but they are not bad men that’s all I can say,” she said in an interview recently.

Phoina has however been rumored to be a lesbian in the past.

Her sentiments are contrary to those of socialite Shakila who spoke ill of Kenyan men.

The young socialite claimed that Kenyan men are stingy and poor in bed and that is why she prefers Nigerian men.

““I don’t know even if I will finish tonight. There are a lot of things First they(Kenyan men) are stingy, Kenyan men look alike, they don’t really look that good, I emphasize on the word stingy. A Kenyan man can never give you money he rather pay for it but they can never give you money.

“They don’t last in bed, it’s minutes, I am talking about hours in Nigeria. Kenyan men, most of them have wives so it’s really hard to roam with them around lazima uwafiche, they are like wababaz. I don’t like that, I wanna roam with my man . A Kenyan man can not pay for your flight to go somewhere he will have to ask you a thousand questions before he does that, I don’t like that, ”Shakilla said.




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