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Edday Nderitu Hits Back At Her Nemesis Karen Nyamu

Edday Nderitu asks,”Niliacha tumefika mverified…” Karen Nyamu called Samidoh her “Mpermanent” and then proceeded to take a dig at Edday’s separation.

Samidoh’s legal wife Edday Nderitu has stirred up quite a buzz with her post. She says, “Niliacha tumefika mverified saa hii wewe umefika wapi?” The comment has left many fans of Edday excited about what’s happening in her life away from disrespect she endured in Kenya.

Days ago, she flaunted her new house in the US after landing a job months after relocating from Kenya.

In a earlier post, Karen Nyamu went all lovey-dovey to show she adores and misses her baby daddy Samidoh, who’s on tour out of the country. She humorously advised others to “shikilia pillow” (hold onto their pillows) if they miss their partners.karen nyamu u

Karen also took a different approach in her comments section, implying that Edday’s marriage didn’t work and she was trying to see if hers would, with Samidoh. She continued to say, “Wa kuolewa na kupostiwa haikuenda poa,” which means “The one who got married and wished to be posted, their union didn’t go well.”

Edday who currently lives in America seems to have newfound glow and success which are already outshining her past experiences as a housewife.

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