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“Inauma Inauma!” Otile Brown Reveals Why He Was Rejected By Nabayet

“Mnasema kuachwa, ushawahi kukataliwa?” Before dating Nabayet, Otile Brown was in love with Vera Sidika.

Otile Brown bared his soul about the inspiration behind his latest song ‘Dear X’, shedding light on the heart-wrenching events of his past relationship with his Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet, also known as Nabbi.

Via his Instagram account, Otile opened up about the emotional turmoil that characterized his romance with Nabayet.

He confessed his love for her and his earnest desire to solidify their bond through marriage. However, he revealed that his past mistakes became a stumbling block in their relationship, leading to Nabayet’s repeated rejections.

Despite his relentless efforts to salvage their love, including traveling to Ethiopia in a bid to win her back, Otile lamented the eventual demise of their relationship. He admitted that he couldn’t get the strength to fight for her as he felt she had changed, citing heartbreak and distance as contributing factors.

The aftermath of their breakup left Otile struggling with deep emotional scars, hindering his ability to move forward in new relationships. He disclosed the big impact of Nabayet’s rejection, confessing to a prolonged period of singleness fueled by the fear of never finding someone who understood him like she did.

Amidst the pain, Otile also revealed that he has embarked on a new relationship.

He emphasized the importance of respecting his current partner and urged his audience to shower her with love and support.

Otile and Nabayet parted ways in January 2022 after a year-long romance, marking the end of a chapter marred by love, heartbreak, and regret.


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