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“Side Chick Amechukua Nyota!” Netizens React As Omanyala Finishes 5th

“Omanyala angestick na wife yake ange win, sasa ona nuksi za sidechick! Ogopa maombi ya wife bana!” A netizen says.

Ferdinand Omanyala, Africa’s fastest man, found himself in unfamiliar territory on Saturday as he finished fifth in the Men’s 100-meter race during the Kipkeino Classic at Nyayo Stadium. This unexpected outcome sent shockwaves through the online community, sparking a flurry of reactions and speculations.

Omanyala, who was anticipated to be a frontrunner in the race, clocked in at 10.03, trailing behind his competitors. Mark Odhiambo, his colleague, also fell short, finishing sixth with a time of 10.22.

The race was not without its challenges, as a small hiccup occurred with the starting blocks, prompting a restart and potentially disrupting the rhythm of the athletes.

The victory ultimately went to Kenneth Bednarek of the United States, who crossed the finish line with an impressive time of 9.91. Following closely behind were Liberia’s Emmanuel Matadi in second place with a time of 9.99 and Great Britain’s Jeremiah Azu in third with 10.00.

Adding to the intrigue surrounding Omanyala’s performance were recent allegations of infidelity, with rumors circulating about his personal life.

Some netizens speculated that these off-field distractions may have contributed to his underwhelming performance on the track.

One comment on social media humorously suggested that Omanyala’s love relationship with his alleged “side chick” had resulted in the loss of his winning streak, saying, “If he had just stuck with his wife, he might have won. See the consequences of messing around with a side chick. Beware of your wife’s prayers!”

While the link between Omanyala’s personal life and his athletic performance remains speculative, the reactions from netizens show the intense scrutiny and speculation that athletes often face both on and off the field.Omanyala


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