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“Napenda Mjulus Vile Unapenda Pesa!” Gay Chokuu Tr0lls Pastor Kanyari On TikTok

“Napenda mjulubeng, nikilala naota mjulus, nikikula naota mjulus, nikitembea nota mjulus. Napenda mjulus vile unapenda pesa!” Chokuu tells Pastor Kanyari.

Pastor Kanyari found himself in the spotlight on TikTok after a humorous exchange with Chokuu, a popular internet personality. Chokuu, who is openly gay, reached out to Pastor Kanyari seeking prayers to help him change his promiscuous lifestyle.

In the playful interaction, Chokuu revealed that he loves “mjulus,” a slang term for a human cassava, just as much as Pastor Kanyari loves money. The light-hearted banter continued as Chokuu shared that he had traveled to Germany, not for work like many other Kenyans, but jokingly implied that he had gone there to sell his body.

Adding to the humor, Chokuu teased that he had undergone surgery to enhance his appearance, jokingly claiming to have made alterations to his buttocks and chest to look even hotter.

The exchange between Chokuu and Pastor Kanyari on TikTok garnered attention and amusement from their followers, showcasing the diverse ways in which social media can facilitate unexpected interactions and moments of humor.

While the conversation may have been light-hearted and humorous, it also touched on deeper themes surrounding identity, sexuality, and the role of religion in addressing personal struggles.


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