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“Shona Kitenge Mapema” Akothee Announces Wedding Plans 

Akothee is scoffing at those who thought she would never be married again after being character developed by Omosh.

The singer-cum-entrepreneur sparked a debate after she shared a photo of herself with her manager Nelly Oaks and attached a message about an impending wedding.

In the post he shared on Facebook, the 43-year-old asked her fans to get ready and start getting used to the bride and bridegroom.

“Zoea Bi na Bwana harusi mapema Shona kitenge nani wacha panganga See you on the 27th April 2024 at the Nyali Golf County club Mombasa,” Akothee announced.


The announcement drew mixed reactions from hundreds of his fans who felt he might be hinting at getting married to his manager Nelly Oaks.

However, Akothee may just be promoting the Akothee Foundation Charity Golf Tournament which is scheduled to take place in Mombasa on April 27.

For a long time, Akothee and Nelly Oaks have been believed to be more than just work partners. They have often hinted about being lovers.

About four months ago, the mother of five children seemed to confirm the revival of her relationship with her longtime manager Nelly Oaks in a recent live session on the TikTok.

During that episode when she was addressing her fans, Nelly Oaks was preparing a special meal for her in the kitchen. Akothee was heard calling her manager ‘babe’ several times, a name that is often used by lovers.

Nelly Oaks was also heard mentioning Akothee as someone special to her as the two shared romantic moments on camera.

“This is a special dinner for a special person like you. It’s a surprise,” Nelly Oaks was heard saying to the musician.

During the episode, Akothee angrily criticized all the women who confessed their love to her manager, implying that he was not available to them.

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