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“Utaskia Frog Virus In Kenya” Concerns As Kate Actress Eats Frog(Video)

“Huyu anataka kurudi kuanzisha pandemic ingine hapa Kenya” a netizen has reacted to a video of actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress enjoying a frog delicacy

“Kidogo kidogo uskie kuna frogvirus in Kenya,” said another as another Instagram user observed that she was forced to swallow it so that she doesn’t seem that she is despiteful.

In the video, an unwilling Kate was served with the delicacy in a foreign restaurant. Reluctantly, she took a bite and reacted in her mother tongue.

“How does it taste?” her company asked her but before she could respond, the video ended, leaving no chance for viewers to establish whether she was able to finish the whole meal.


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The mother of two is in Malaysia for the launch of Infinix  40 series, alongside Jackie Matubia.

Kate actress is however not the only celebrity who have tried strange delicacies while in foreign lands.

Larry Madowo also captivated netizens by attempting to eat snails while in Morocco.

“I ate snails in Morocco. They were tastier than I expected! There’s nothing I won’t eat!” he said.


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