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Netizens Claim Akothee Is Using Nelly Oaks To Heal Before She Finds A New Lover

“Nelly Oaks enda ukaoe achana na upuzi!” Netizen react after Akothee showers him with love and praises in a latest video.

Akothee has sent her fans abuzz with what appears to be a confirmation of her romantic relationship with manager Nelly Oaks.

Following her separation from husband Denis Schweizer in June 2023, Akothee and Nelly Oaks have been spending significant time together, raising eyebrows and fueling speculation.

The duo recently caught attention during a live TikTok session where Nelly Oaks was spotted in the kitchen preparing a special meal for Akothee. The affectionate exchange included Nelly Oaks calling the meal a “special dinner for a special person,” hinting at a deeper connection.

In another video during a drive to work, Akothee publicly showered Nelly Oaks with terms of endearment, referring to him as her “everything,” “babe,” and playfully dubbing him “Mpermanent.” This public display of affection has added fuel to the rumors of their rekindled romance.

While Akothee and Nelly Oaks had separated in 2022, recent developments suggest a renewed bond. Akothee emphasized their enduring connection, stating that Nelly Oaks is not just a romantic partner but also a brother, father, and friend.

Despite the ongoing speculation about their relationship, Akothee maintains that Nelly Oaks is more than just a romantic interest.

During the launch of her daughter’s business venture, Akothee openly praised Nelly Oaks as the “man behind my brand” and emphasized his integral role in her life.

As fans eagerly watch this unfolding story, Akothee’s declaration that Nelly Oaks is family and their history together suggests that their relationship transcends the romantic, adding an intriguing layer to this evolving narrative.

Netizens feel Akothee is just using Nelly Oaks to heal before she finds a new lover and then kicks him to the gutter.


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