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Shock As Gospel Singer L-Jay Masaai Faints During Interview With Bloggers

L-Jay Maasai, the talented singer behind the hit song “Laleiyo.”

Fans and well-wishers have been wondering about his whereabouts and the reason for his prolonged absence. Recently, L-Jay Maasai has opened up about the struggles he’s faced, particularly his battle with depression, which nearly took his life.

In a heartfelt message posted on his Facebook page, Maasai candidly addressed his absence from the music scene, shedding light on the personal challenges he has been grappling with.

“I have really struggled to nurse myself through a long period of DEPRESSION and confusion over my life and career,” he wrote.

L-Jay Maasai also shared that he had experienced suicidal thoughts during this difficult period, leading to the loss of many close friends and two significant relationships.

The toll of depression can be serious, impacting not only the person suffering but also those around them.

He openly acknowledged that he even became rebellious toward his loving mother, a sign of the turmoil he was experiencing.

While he clarified that he never actually quit the gospel industry, he did step away from the limelight entirely.

He expressed gratitude for the journey he’s been on, emphasizing that he is the only one who truly understands where God has brought him from.

The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic only added to Maasai’s struggles. He revealed that he faced difficulties paying rent and affording fuel for his car, which remained parked for months.

In a video post by Mungai Eve media, the singer faints live on camera during an interview with bloggers.


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