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“Ameiva Ajab!” Kenyan Men Thirst At Viral Photo Of Beautiful Kanjo Askari

“Madam niko hapa Moi Avenue nauza saa, si ukam unishike plizz!” A netizen tells the Kanjo Askari.

In the age of social media, images can quickly captivate the hearts and minds of people. Such was the case when a photograph of a striking Kanjo lady surfaced on the internet, leaving many Kenyan men craving to know more about her and where she operates within the CBD.

The picture of the lady, who was dressed in a hijab and Nairobi City Council officers’ blue uniform, was initially shared by Governor Sakaja. Men from all corners of the internet flooded the image with sweet comments, appreciating the Kanjo Askari’s undeniable beauty.

The woman in her official Kanjo Askari attire, exuding confidence and professionalism was attending a meeting. What made this particular image stand out was her striking appearance, which seemed to defy the conventional image of City County enforcement officers.

Governor Sakaja’s decision to share the photo only added fuel to the social media fire. His post sparked a wave of comments and reactions from impressed individuals, particularly men who were quick to acknowledge the lady’s beauty and grace.

What made this viral image more significant is that it shattered stereotypes associated with the tough and rough Kanjo Askari profession.

kanjo askariTraditionally seen as a male-dominated field, the image of this empowered woman not only challenged societal norms. Women can also excel in any role they choose, even those perceived as tough or demanding.

Days ago, a Nairobi City Council Askari found himself in an unusual predicament when he entered a woman’s vehicle in response to a parking violation.

The incident, recorded on video and shared by Gloria Ntazola, rapidly gained widespread attention, showcasing the bizzare interaction between the officer and the woman.


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