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Single Amber Ray Gives Reasons She Can’t Allow Oga Obinna To Smash

Amber Ray has decided to address the constant inquiries from people regarding her dating status, putting to rest the speculation about her romantic life.

In the interview, the curvaceous socialite stated, “I’m not searching; I just want to concentrate on my businesses and my children. I don’t want any kind of relationship at the moment. So those who are reaching out trying to win me over should stop because I am not in that head space.”

Her priorities lie elsewhere, and she intends to focus on her businesses and her children without the distraction of a romantic relationship.

Amber Ray has further clarified that she has never actively sought or chased after a man in her life.

Her previous relationships have unfolded naturally, and she values her single time as an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth. She emphasized her desire to make the most of this period, concentrating on her own well-being and professional pursuits.

When discussing her criteria for a potential partner, Amber Ray highlighted the importance of financial stability.

She expressed a preference for a man who is financially secure, indicating that she has no interest in taking on the role of a financial provider in a relationship.

She believes that when both partners bring their financial stability to the table, it becomes easier to build and progress together without unnecessary complications.

Amber Ray also spoke about advance from comedian Oga Obinna, who has openly expressed his interest in dating her.

She explained why a romantic relationship with Oga Obinna is unlikely to happen.

According to Amber Ray, Oga Obinna’s complex dynamics with his baby mama create a situation she is not willing to be a part of.

Amber Ray proudly parades her fat camel toe a month after giving birthShe made it clear that she does not want to deal with the potential stress that may come with such a situation.

However, she did extend her best wishes to him and acknowledged that he is a good person.

“Haiwezi. Haiwezi kwanza vile naskia baby mama wake ni stressful sana, staki stress za baby mamas. Haiwezi but namwishia all the best he is a good guy I have met him severally we have done job mingi pamoja, he is a good guy yeah,” Amber Ray says.

This interview comes in the wake of Amber Ray’s recent breakup with her fiancé, Kennedy Rapudo.

The breakup garnered significant attention, especially when Oga Obinna publicly expressed his interest in dating her and even offered to care for her children.


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