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“Shida Zilikuwa Kila Mahali” Amber Ray Recalls Moment She Sued Her First Baby Daddy

Social media influencer Amber Ray has admitted that her firstborn son, Gavin Classic, is in contact with his biological father.

She however noted that she doesn’t communicate with him and that he doesn’t contribute a shilling in raising their son, who will be turning 14 years old later this year.

“He lives in Nairobi. We don’t talk, but he talks to the child. We don’t raise the child together; I raise him alone, but they communicate,” said Amber in an interview with a local radio station. “It is is 11 years now.”

The mother of two added that she once sued the baby daddy for child support, at the time, she had nothing.

“God has blessed me that I don’t need help but there was a time we went to court after we split up. I went to court, I was jobless and all that. I went to court so that  so that I could get help. At the time my family was completely broke . There were problems everywhere. I have gone through a lot of problems and I tell people to leave me alone when they see me enjoying life,” she said.

At the same time, she was tasked with explaining why she never gave Jamal Marlaw a baby.

“I was pregnant with him, but we lost the child. Later, the relationship couldn’t continue, and it ended,” she responded.

She also said that the least she can spend while going out is Kshs300,000.

“Ndio nikuwe comfortable nawezatumia yote unajua sisi tunanawa na pombe,” she said.


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