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Pregnancy And 2 Other Things That Vera Sidika Is Avoiding Like Plague

Socialite Vera Sidika has revealed that she is not planning to get get another child, until after 7 years.

The mother of two made the revelation while listing the four things that she wouldn’t in the coming summer.

“No more babies for me for at least 7 years. Nope,” she said.

“The  4 things I won’t be this summer; Pregnant, broke, sad, pregnant,” her list read.

Vera got her first baby with singer Brown in October 20, 2021. The former couple were also blessed with a son in March 3,  2023.

She decided the dates for her children’s arrival as she did not want to go through labour pains, opting for elective CS.

“Yes I chose the date for my son’s birth. His number is 3. His name has 3 letters: ICE. He was born at 3pm weighed 3.350kgs & It’s crazy! Only Date & time was planned,” she revealed last year, further stating the coincidences surrounding her daughter’s birthday as well.

“Asia was born: 20.10.2021 at 10.21am Her numbers are 2,” she said.

In multiple occasions, the 34-year old socialite has expressed desire to have more children, despite losing belief in marriage.

“I’m obsessed with my babies. It is not even funny, I want more babies. I really love kids,” Vera wrote accompanying the post with a whining emoji and puppy dog eyes,” she said during the birthday celebration of her son as he turned one.

Vera has however out ruled the possibility of ever reuniting with her baby daddy.

“Please let’s be clear. I am not back with my ex and I don’t ever intend to. Never happening so please let’s stop with the speculations,” she said.





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