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“Shameless Women Want To Steal My Husband From Me” – Betty Bayo Cries Foul 

Gospel singer Betty Bayo divorced Pastor Kanyari, remarried but women are now after her new husband.

Bayo lamented that shameless women have been hitting on her husband Hiram Gitau alias Tosh through the Direct Message (DM) on social media.

Speaking to Bonfire Adventures Managing Director Sarah Kabu when she visited her alongside her husband, Betty Bayo said that she has an access to her husband’s Instagram DMs.

The gospel singer noted that whenever she goes through the DMs, she comes across messages of ladies flirting and seducing her husband, something that breaks her heart.

Bayo noted that her husband is loyal and that he turns down the flirts and always tells them that he is a married man.

The gospel singer however complained that women hitting on her husband insist on having affairs with him, saying that they tell him they are being side chicks to a married man.

“I have an access to my husband’s DM and I see the kind of messages ladies send him. However, he turns them down and informs that he is married,” Betty said.

Asked by Sarah Kabu whether she doesn’t feel insecure because of her husband’s good looks, Betty said that a relationship is build on trust.

Betty and Tosh got married in 2021 in a traditional wedding ceremony attended by friends and family.

The gospel singer was previously married to controversial preacher pastor Victor Kanyari.

Kanyari and Betty Bayo got married in 2012 but parted ways shortly after the November 2014 exposé by Mohammed Ali which revealed the preacher was performing fake miracles.

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