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“I Swear Sina Password Yake” Karen Nyamu Denies She Posted Herself And Claimed It Was Samidoh

Before November 6, Samidoh had NEVER posted Karen Nyamu on his social media accounts.

However, very late at night at around 1 am, a post appeared on Samidoh’s Insta Stories on Instagram.

The post was celebrating Karen Nyamu on her birthday.

Look alike favourite scorpio. I will not playit safe. Happy birthday @karenzo.nyamu,” Samidoh wrote.

During the day, Samidoh did not post anything, not even a birthday message for his baby mama but very late at night when people were sleeping he posted his baby mama.

The part where Samidoh wrote “I will not play it safe” is what gave out Karen Nyamu. Some say she is so desperate to tell the world that Samidoh was no longer going to hide her again.

Many people were convinced Karen Nyamu used Samidoh’s account to post herself after he ignored her on her birthday.

Karen Nyamu addressed claims she posted herself after being confronted by netizens.

“Jana ulijipost Kwa simu ya Samidoh we know your handwriting 😂,” Daisy Kaku Dei commented on Karen Nyamu’s post.

In a quick rejoinder, Karen Nyamu denied the accusation claiming that she does not have Samidoh’s password.

“Daisy Kaku Dei hehehe yani Samidoh tu kuniwish happy birthday imewastress hivi lol. I wish mgejua tu kukua na hio password ndio nataka sana kuliko kupostiwa 🤣,” Karen Nyamu responded.


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