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Awinja Remembers Ex-Boyfriend Who Gave Her Character Development Of A Lifetime 

“He saved his side chick as ‘mum’ on his phone,” Awinja narrated how he cleverly cheated on her.

Awinja, whose real name is Jacky Vike, opened up about her ex-boyfriend who character developed her while speaking during an interview with Obinna on November 6.

The comedienne recalled that his ex saved his side chick as ‘mum’ on his phone to mask their communications.

“Nimepewa na mimi pia nikapeana. Nimepewa ile smart. Huyu mtu alikuwa amesave huyo dame kwa simu kama mum. Kwanza ni ile ilikuwa inalia, babe ni mum anacall. So nashindwa huyu mum anaendaga kuongeleshwa kwa kona kwani what did she do? Na anaianza na mum,” she said.

“One day shetani wa kuangalia simu ikaniingia. So nikasoma messages nikapata anaambia mum vile alimtendea jana,” Awinja added.

The discovery that her boyfriend was cheating on her came as they were discussing marriage.

Awinja, wanting to save their relationship, decided to confront the other woman and to her surprise she found out that she didn’t even know that the cheating boyfriend was in a serious relationship with her.

The other woman opted to dump her boyfriend immediately on learning about his relationship with Awinja.

“Shetani wa kupigia huyo mschinana pia ikanikujia. Nilimcall nikamwambia i just need closure. Niambie tu na kama iko serious staki kuingilia yenu. Aakaniambia ‘what! I had no idea aliniambia tuliachana,” Awinja said.

However, after apologising and making amends, Awinja got back together with her boyfriend for a while, but she eventually decided to end the relationship due to outside influences.


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