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Shaffie Weru Vindicated After Second Woman Is Murdered At Roysambu Airbnb

Shaffie Weru was fired from Homeboyz Radio for telling women the bitter truth which came to pass recently when two ladies were murdered in Airbnb days apart.

Radio Africa Group terminated the contracts of Shaffie Weru, Joseph Munoru (DJ Mfalme), and Neville Muysa with immediate effect on March 27th 2021 for telling materialistic women the bitter truth.

His remarks came in the aftermath of a disturbing incident where a woman was thrown off a building during a first date.

The woman was thrown her off the 12th floor of a building because she refused to spend the night at his place after eating his money.

Shaffie advised women to play hard to get and avoid risky situations following the tragic ordeal.

“I am telling the ladies that they need to play hard to get, you need to stop being too available, you can’t be the ladies who receive calls to go drink alcohol 40 kilometers away from home with a stranger.

“Are Kenyan ladies too available? Are they too loose? Are they too desperate? That’s why they get themselves caught up in such situations,” Shaffie said on a live show in 2021.

However, his advice drew criticism from some who perceived it as disrespectful and promoting gender-based violence.

Shaffie was fired but women who didn’t heed his advice paid with their dear lives when they made themselves available to strangers who brutally murdered them.

The latest incident involved an unidentified woman who was found dismembered a day after she checked into an Airbnb in Roysambu with a man who is suspected to have butchered her.

The Airbnb manager Risper Muthoni told the media that the unknown suspect had secured the room on Saturday, January 13, 2024, at 3 pm.

The suspect returned the key to the rented Airbnb early on Sunday morning before he disappeared.

The lifeless body of the woman was found dismembered with the hands and legs chopped off. She was also decapitated, the killer appeared to have gone missing with the severed head.

The discovery of the womanā€™s body comes barely a week after police arrested John Matara, a suspected serial offender believed to have killed socialite Starlet Wahu inside an Airbnb in ā€‹ā€‹Nairobiā€™s South B area.

Several other women have filed reports at various police stations narrating how Matara violently robbed them during nights of fun with him.

Matara violently attacked a female victim and robbed her of Ksh50,000 in December 2023, just five days before he killed Wahu Starlet.

The victim reported to the Makadara sub-county headquarters claiming that she fell victim to the suspect on Friday, December 29, 2023, days after meeting on a dating site.

After engaging in affectionate conversations for several days, they agreed to book a rental unit for a romantic night, with the lady reportedly requesting a payment of Sh15,000.

However, Matara turned against her at night and forced her to send him Ksh50,000.

ā€œIn the middle of the night, he started strangling me and even asked for my MPESA statements. He was trying to strangle me so much,ā€ the woman said.

Five days after robbing the woman of Ksh50,000, Matara met Wahu Starlet at an Airbnb in South B for a night of fun that turned tragic.

Matara fatally stabbed Wahu as he was trying to rob her Ksh400,000.

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