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CCTV Reveals Suspect Who Butchered A 20 Year Old Girl Inside A TRM Airbnb

CCTV footage from the TRM Airbnb incident has emerged, shedding light on the suspect’s activities just moments before he allegedly committed a heinous crime.

The footage, captured at 4:20 pm on a Saturday, shows the suspect engaged in a series of actions that have become crucial in the ongoing investigation.

The suspect, donning a white cap and spectacles, is seen briskly walking while conversing on the phone outside a shop adjacent to the building where later, body parts were discovered. He hands over his phone to the cashier, who exchanges it for a key, all while tightly clutching a black bag. The hurried demeanor suggests a sense of urgency as he completes the transaction and leaves, only to return five minutes later to settle the payment before making a quick exit.

Unfortunately, this marked the last appearance of the suspect in the footage. The keys were expected to be returned the next morning, but the suspect failed to do so. The Airbnb property’s owner, Risper Muthoni, received a distressing call from the caretaker, who stumbled upon gruesome body parts concealed in a trash bag within the house.

The victim, who is now believed to be a 20-year-old girl, had last communicated with a friend, mentioning a dinner plan in Roysambu. However, she failed to show up the following day, with her phone subsequently switched off. The family, identifying the remains at City Mortuary, has opted to await the conclusion of the police investigation before speaking to the media.

This incident follows closely on the heels of another tragedy, where Starlet Wahu lost her life in a South B house just two weeks prior. These events have prompted the government to issue directives to private security officers, emphasizing stringent measures for residential areas, Airbnbs, hotels, and lodgings.

Private security officers are now mandated to verify visitors’ identities, record entrance and exit times, temporarily retain identification documents, and maintain detailed logs of vehicles and security officers.

The directive also insists on functional CCTVs, updated Access Control Policies, and a comprehensive security occurrence book.TRM Airbnb


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