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Cinema Ya Abunwasi! KRG Sets Record Straight On Being Yvonne’s Father

Towards mid-last year, KRG The Don, made headlines after a woman claimed that he abandoned their daughter, Yvonne Njoki, when she was young.

Following the story, KRG denied claims of being Yvonne’s father, saying that he was only 11 years old when she was born.

The story however died down after a series of back and forth between the two parties, with Yvonne vowing to never look for KRG again.

A year later, KRG has yet again set the record straight on the matter, insisting that he is not Yvonne’s father.

“Hizo zote zilikuwa cinema ya Abunwasi. Hio mambo ni yeye walipanga na Kioko(YouTuber). I just wanted to come out and clarify but the way I handled it it, nilitaka kuhandle kama mzazi nisihurt feelings za mtoto kama ako innocent,” the dancehall singer told Oga Obinna.

KRG maintained that he only has 4 children, adding that maybe in future he will only add two with his current wife.

“I don’t want to have more children that I can’t I can’t account for. I am a responsible human being,” he said.

“Yeye alitoka tu huko na mambo zake sijui kama alikuwa anataka kuchase clout,” he further said. “The story brought a lot of issues in my world. Imagine you are dating me and then such comes up. I think at some point it affected her but you know she can’t confront me.”

He also said that he is a one woman guy and very loyal to his partners.

“By now everybody knows I am not that guy, I don’t sleep around. I have been into relationships, I am very loyal. I am a one woman at  time man. My wife ndio final sitaki mchezo ingine” he added.




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