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“I Like It Slim” Sandra Dacha Reveals Why She Can’t Date A Plus Size And Handsome Man

Actress Sandra Dacha has said that she can never consider dating a plus size man.

Speaking with Dr. Ofweneke in a recent interview, Dacha revealed the reason behind her stand to stick with slim men.

She also said that she doesn’t want her man handsome.

“Never. Sasa niko na tumbo, uko na tumbo tutafanya nini. I love it slim, tall and not so handsome. Nikupeleke wapi ukiwa handsome,” she said.

Some of the celebrities that she listed that are not her type include Ofweneke and genge artist Meja

“You know dawa ya balloon ni sindano,” Dacha maintained.

Asked  if Comedian Akuku Danger is her type, Dacha shyly laughed. The two are believed to be in a relationship for several years now.

She proceeded to open up about Akuku Danger’s health condition.

“He is doing fine but you know about sickle cell, you will be sick until you go see your maker. We are just managing, after 3 months anaenda aongezewe damu. Damu inaisha kwa mwili, inakauka so lazima udungwe damu,” the aunty boss actress shared.

She further revealed that in January this year, Akuku Danger fell ill after being given blood that had infection.

“I remember in January he got ill again. It happened that before he got ill alienda kuongezewa damu in another hospital sitaki kutaja wakamuekea damu mbaya. I don’t know why. Ikakuwa hio blood iko na infection. Akatoka hapo akaenda coptic ndio wakapata iko na infection ikabidi waitoe yote,” she said.




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