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“Siolewi! Sizai Saa Hii!” Sanaipei Tande Says Marriage Is Not An Achievement Even As She Ages

Maina Kageni offered Sanaipei Tande 500K to have his baby but she refused.

Sanaipei Tande shared her thoughts on marriage, children, and age during an interview on the Lynn Ngugi show.

She began by urging people not to pressure women into having children, arguing the diverse challenges individuals face that influence their decisions about childbearing.

Sanaipei emphasized that external pressure to have children may not consider personal struggles or medical reasons.

She pointed out that those pressuring someone to have children may not provide support once the child arrives or understand underlying issues like infertility or genetic concerns.

On the topic of marriage, Sanaipei expressed disappointment in society viewing marriage as the ultimate life achievement. She encouraged individuals to move at their own pace, recognizing that marriage and children are not universally fulfilling for everyone.

The singer acknowledged her own approach, refusing to be rushed into life decisions by societal expectations or criticisms about her age. She emphasized the value of embracing aging as a blessing, contrasting societal views that aging is negative.

Sanaipei will not get married or get kids to impress external people.

She hopes to inspire others to prioritize self-authenticity over conforming to societal pressures, emphasizing that staying true to oneself is the greatest gift.


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