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Zari Fires Warning Shots After Reuniting With Her Husband Shakib

Zari Hassan and Shakib Cham Lutaaya flew to Dubai to rekindle their love after a major misunderstanding nearly ruined their marriage.

The mother of five in a post on social media warned her fans that she is not interested in unsolicited advice regarding her decision to reconcile with her husband.

zari shakib together

Zari took to Snapchat to address social media users who have been meddling in her personal affairs.

In a video, she firmly expressed her disinterest in hearing opinions and criticisms from those who were not invited to comment.

zari Shakib

“Coming in here with your opinion and your two cents and nobody asked you, I don’t wanna know. I don’t wanna hear it, I don’t need it. Keep it to yourself, I don’t care what it is. Whatever it is that you people are sending in my DM, please keep your two cents to yourself,” she said

Zari emphasized her desire for privacy and urged individuals to keep their opinions to themselves.


She concluded by advising critics to focus on their own lives rather than offering unwanted advice to her.

“Don’t come here advising me. ‘Oh you shouldn’t do that’ keep it to yourself, you need it more than I do.”

Zari fell out with Shakib after a video of Diamond and her holding hands as they walked together went viral on social media.

The Wasafi boss and his Ugandan baby mama set off a buzz on social media after they were seen in a romantic posture while vibing to the singer’s new song ‘Mapozi’.

Zari stepped forward to clarify the situation and shed light on her marriage following speculations surrounding her fallout with Shakib.

In an interview with Millard Ayo on February 25, 2024, Zari admitted to feeling bad for hurting Shakib with the video.

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