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Samidoh Told Karen Nyamu Is His Only Hope As Edday Nderitu Already Moved On

“Rudi Kenya tu, USA hakuna hope. Karen Nyamu is always ready for you!” Netizen tells Samidoh.

The love triangle between Samidoh, his wife Edday Nderitu, and his alleged mistress Karen Nyamu has been a rollercoaster of emotions and public scrutiny.

The saga began when Samidoh’s infidelity came to light, revealing an illicit affair with Karen Nyamu, resulting in the birth of two children. As a result, it led to Edday Nderitu relocating to the United States with their children, signaling a heartbreaking end to their marriage.

Karen Nyamu, seemingly unbothered, expressed her willingness to share Samidoh with his estranged wife, but Edday firmly rejected the idea, declaring she would not entertain such arrangements.

Recently, Samidoh visited the United States to spend time with his children, leaving Karen Nyamu behind in Kenya.

This move has sparked a wave of online ridicule and mockery from netizens, questioning Samidoh’s choices and the complex dynamics of his relationships. A concerned fan even suggested that Samidoh should reconsider returning to Karen Nyamu immediately, insinuating that Edday Nderitu may have moved on in the US.

In response, Samidoh appeared confused as he asked, “Hope ya nini nyakanga?”

samidoh in US


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