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Ciru Muriuki 1st Post After Being Labeled A “Red Thigh” Following Death Of Charles Ouda

Ciru Muriuki has broken silence after news of the tragic loss of her to be husband, Charles Ouda.

In the wake of the devastating news of veteran actor Charles Ouda’s passing, the online sphere was marred by an unsettling trend of insensitive labeling of Ciru Muriuki.

Shameless netizens on various platforms chose to denigrate Ciru Muriuki, affectionately known as The Millennial Mentor, by branding her a “red thigh.” This term is reportedly rooted in Kikuyu folklore and other cultures worldwide but in Kikuyu as “atumia a ciero ndune,” which is also shrouded in myth and mystery.

The stories surrounding these so-called “women of the red thigh” suggests a curse or spirit that brings misfortune upon any man who becomes involved with them.

Despite the baselessness of such superstitions, these hurtful remarks surfaced in the aftermath of Charles Ouda death.

Charlie and Ciru Muriuki’s did their engagement in mid-2023.

Charles Ouda’s untimely demise touched many netizens deeply, with the entertainment industry and fans alike mourning the loss of this iconic creative.

In the midst of this collective grief, Ciru Muriuki remained conspicuously silent, processing the profound loss of her beloved fiancé.

However, breaking her silence, Ciru took to her Instagram stories to share a video capturing sweet moments with Charles. In the video, the couple radiates joy and warmth, surrounded by friends in a restaurant. As they bid farewell to the camera with playful gestures and blowing kisses, the atmosphere is filled with the poignant melody of Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again.”

This heartfelt gesture from Ciru Muriuki offers a glimpse into the enduring love and cherished memories shared between her and Charles.


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