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Former NTV Anchor Doreen Majala Rekindles Her Love With Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi 

Doreen Majala ran back to the MP after he beat her silly and the matter even ended up in court.

The former NTV anchor on Monday, February 5, 2024, confirmed that she has reunited with her estranged husband Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi.

The sassy queen who is also a lawyer revealed the MP and her are back together in a series of posts on social media.

The two lovebirds were seen enjoying some meal while at an undisclosed location.

She further accompanied the photo with a caption gushing that February is their anniversary month.

“Anniversary month” she wrote.


Doreen Majala had earlier shared another post of the MP and her on a date at a different location.

In the post, Majala disclosed that she was at Karen Country Club. However she never posted the legislator’s face.

What hinted that she was indeed with him was the partial spectacles that were captured in the photo as shown below.


Doreen Majala in February 2018 sent out a distress call on social media, claiming that her life was in danger.

“Writing this with a lot of fear. My life is in danger. This evening at about 9.50 p.m. my husband Mwingi Central Member of Parliament Gideon Mulyungi assaulted me at our Karen home and I sustained head injuries at the back of my ear, resulting to my left ear going numb,” the post read.

The former NTV anchor filed a case in court. During the hearing of their divorce case, Majala described the MP as “a man with unforgivable temper”.

Mulyungi was arraigned before a Ngong Court on January 2019. He appeared before Magistrate Alex Ithuku but did not take any plea.

His then estranged wife Doreen then confirmed that he indeed assaulted her on the night of Monday 26th, February 2018, at their Karen home.

According to her, problems began because of how she had scolded a 16-year-old girl that MP Gideon Mulyungi had brought to live with them, as he was paying for her school fees.

Doreen Majala on that night confronted the girl for dressing badly, something that the legislator did not like and he ended up beating her.

“My husband hit me on the face with his phone and continued punching me until I screamed for help, that is when he stopped” she said.

She then reported the matter to the police station and the Mwingi Central MP was arrested after a week, but was then released later.

Doreen Majala and Gideon Mulyungi later decided to settle the matter out of court in agreement estimated at Ksh3 million.

The agreement saw the MP saved from a two-year jail term which could have seen him loss his parliamentary seat.

In 2020, the former NTV anchor opened up about how she left the MP.

In a post on Instagram, Majala also narrated how she called off the relationship at night after going through domestic violence while married to Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi.

She said that after having enough, she walked out of the marriage with her handbag and had to start life from scratch again.

She went on to encourages other who were going through difficult situations to dust themselves up and carry on with life.

“The courage of walking away at night with only a handbag and starting from scratch, I tell you today, it is possible to get back on your feet no matter your story, the disrespect from intruders who thought it is possible to break through someone’s wall and camp next to it. Let nobody tell your story,” she wrote.


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