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Samidoh Answers Fans Asking Why He Doesn’t Tag Or Post Karen Nyamu Like She Does On Social Media

“Mbona hujamtag babe wako Karen Nyamu? Hakii unamfichanga!” A fan told Samidoh.

Samidoh, recently gave a fiery response to a fan who accused him of keeping his partner hidden in one of his Facebook posts.

The singer had posted an announcement about his upcoming shows in Nyeri and Juja when a fan questioned why he hadn’t mentioned his partner.

When a curious fan inquired about his decision to keep their relationship low-profile, Samidoh responded with a bit of irritation.

A Facebook user identified as Phillis Mbuthia criticized the musician for concealing his partner and not openly acknowledging their relationship, saying, “Why haven’t you mentioned your babe? It’s like you’re hiding her.”

In a sharp Kikuyu response, the father of five didn’t hold back and expressed his surprise at the fan’s comments, suggesting that she had too much free time on her hands, “Wee nawe no kuha*wo ciugo guuku kai utakoragwo na wa gwika?” Samidoh quipped.

Roughly translated, he was essentially asking, “Is your only job to gossip, or do you have something productive to do?”

samidohMany social media users who saw Samidoh’s sharp reply found it amusing and shared their amusement with laughter and comments.

In recent months, Samidoh has been seen frequently in the company of his partner, Karen Nyamu, with whom he has two children.

Their relationship became more prominent earlier this year after Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu, moved to the United States with their three children.

Although Samidoh doesn’t often post about his partner on his social media accounts, Karen Nyamu is more open about their relationship and regularly shares photos and videos of them together on her social media profiles.


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