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Netizens Accuse Karen Nyamu Of Rubbing Boda Boda Rider With Her Nyonyos

“Unapenda kuguzisha watu wa duthi tumatiti!” A netizen tells Karen Nyamu.

It’s not uncommon for public figures and celebrities to stir up controversy with their actions. The latest to make headlines is Karen Nyamu, after she posted a video that raised quite a few eyebrows after riding on a bike without a helmet.

In the video, she can also be seen having a once in a lifetime moment with a Boda Boda (motorcycle taxi) rider, where she appears to rub her chest against him.

The video quickly went viral, and netizens have had a lot to say about the situation. While some defended Karen Nyamu, others criticized her actions, deeming them as just attention-seeking.

Karen Nyamu 8 figureKaren Nyamu has become quite the public figure due to her involvement in politics and her active presence on social media.

Her unapologetic and bold approach to various topics has garnered her a significant following, but it has also made her a subject of controversy.

This recent video seen by is just one of the many instances where she has grabbed headlines for her actions especially on personal safety and concern.

Netizens took to social media platforms to express their opinions about the video. Some argued that the encounter was harmless and that people were overreacting.

Public figures, like Karen Nyamu, often find themselves under a magnifying glass, and their actions can quickly become the topic of debate.Karen Nyamu


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