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Sickly Ringtone Apoko Accuses 3 Top Gospel Artists For Wanting Him Dead

Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has named three fellow artists who he says wish he was no more.

Gospel music in Kenya has always been a platform for spiritual inspiration and reflection but these days, it’s chaotic and full of nonsensical acts. This is expected because the industry is not immune to controversies and conflicts.

Recently, gospel singer Apoko, found himself at the center of a storm when he accused fellow gospel artists Guardian Angel, Moji, and Timeless Noel of wanting him dead.

In an Instagram post seen by he says, “Dear Guardian Angel, Moji, Timeless Noel, you all want me to be dead, but sorry, I can’t die ‚Äď God is greater,” igniting a controversy. He says, the trio are a cartel running the industry behind curtains.

Apoko took a strong stance and accused Guardian Angel, Moji, and Timeless Noel of wanting him dead. This accusation was met with shock and disbelief by many in the gospel music industry.

Ringtone Apoko is widely known for his controversial nature and clout-chasing antics rather than his music or source of his riches.

Ringtone ApokoHis journey in the music industry has been marked by a series of attention-grabbing stunts and controversies, which have left both fans and critics divided.

The artist is renowned for his bold and often unconventional methods of staying in the limelight.

One of his most notable characteristics is his ability to court controversy.

Whether it’s through provocative social media posts, sensational claims, or engaging in public feuds with fellow artists, he seems to have a knack for keeping the public’s attention fixed on him.


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