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“Samidoh Anapendwa!” Karen Nyamu Tells Parliament To Rethink Police Deployment In Haiti

Netizens have been asking the Kenya Police to deploy Samidoh who’s in love with Karen Nyamu to Haiti.

Karen Nyamu is wondering why Kenya Police is planning a special mission to Haiti. She’s asking important questions about why this mission needs approval from Parliament, unlike other police missions. Nyamu is curious about what makes Haiti different and wants to know the selection process, the steps involved, and if there will be suitability tests for the officers.

People on the internet have been urging the Kenya Police Service to send Samidoh to Haiti. In response, Samidoh is suggesting a different idea, bringing Haiti to Kenya instead as makes jokes over the comments from netizens.

Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki shed light on the situation during a session with Parliament’s Departmental Committee on Administration and Internal Security. Kindiki emphasized that for the mission to proceed, all necessary resources must be mobilized and made available, reinforcing the gravity of the situation.

Sources close to the matter reveal that over 1,000 officers will be drawn from various specialized units, including the Rapid Deployment Unit, Anti Stock Theft Unit, General Service Unit, and Border Patrol Unit.

This selection aims to form a robust and diverse team for the Haiti deployment, with expectations that the exercise will take place in the near future.

As Karen Nyamu raises questions and netizens show interest in Samidoh’s involvement, the country waits for Parliament’s approval and more details about this special mission to Haiti. The selection process and the urgency of the mission are topics that are capturing the public’s attention, and the Kenya Police Service will need to address these concerns transparently.


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