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“Watoto Wetu Wanajuana” Karen Nyamu Says Edday’s Kids And Hers Love Each Other

In spite of the hate between Edday and Karen Nyamu, their kids know they are a blended family and love each other.

For starters, Samidoh has three children with his first wife and two children with Karen Nyamu.

The singer is also playing a father role to Karen Nyamu’s eldest daughter who was sired by DJ Saint Kevin.

Karen Nyamu recently opened up about their blended family while speaking during an interview with YouTube channel Convo.

Nyamu said that her eldest daughters, who turned 9 in August, understand the dynamics of their blended family.

The mother of three added that she does not hide things from her daughter, explaining that she tells her things in the way she can best understand at her age.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh with their children

The UDA-nominated senator noted that she opted to be honest to her daughter so that she cannot be surprised by the overflowing of information online.

Karen Nyamu additionally revealed that her daughter knows Edday Nderitu and all of her three children by their names.

“Mtoto wangu ako na simu ako na tablet shule pia wanasoma story za internet, my first born I have talks with her. Just just turned 9. I have talks with her because kuna vita atakutana nazo. Sahi for example kama the other family anawajua wote by names. From the mom [Edday Nderitu], kids anawajua. Mi nimemwambia, nimejaribu kumuexplenia the situation hivi, hivi, hatapata surprise from online,” Karen Nyamu said.

Nyamu additionally revealed that her daughter calls Samidoh and DJ Saint Kevin dad, adding she is reaping big for having two fathers who provide for her the things she needs.

“She calls both daddies dad and I tell her you are very lucky to have two dads (Samidoh and DJ Saint Kevin). Sababu anapiganga simu hivi I want this, this, this alafu huyo mwingine I want this this, this,” Karen Nyamu.

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