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“Mtoto Wa Diana!” Bahati Responds To Netizens Criticizing His Social Media Posts About Diana Marua

Fans claim Diana Marua killed his music career and turned Bahati into something else.

Bahati has found himself at the center of discussions among netizens who claim he has shifted his focus from music to sharing posts about his wife, Diana Marua. The online buzz has led to speculations that Diana’s influence has overshadowed Baha’s music career, turning him more into an influencer than an artist.

Critics argue that his frequent social media posts about Diana have taken the spotlight away from his musical endeavors.

Some even suggest that Diana Marua might be responsible for what they perceive as a decline in his music career.

Adding to the discussion, Diana herself has asserted that she is the driving force behind Bahati’s success.

In response to the growing chatter, the “Mama” hit maker has taken to social media to address the criticisms directly.

He posted a message aimed at all netizens who claim he overposts about Diana, saying, “Wanasema Na Post Diana Sana! Nitulie ama Niendelee??? ❤️❤️❤️!”

The response showing a mix of humor and defiance, as he playfully questions whether he should calm down or continue sharing posts about his wife.

The public’s fascination with celebrity relationships often leads to intense scrutiny, and in the case of Bahati and Diana, their love story has become a significant part of their public image.

Bahati Diana Marua bedWhile some fans enjoy the couple’s social media presence, others express concern about the impact on his music career.

His response seems to embrace the idea that sharing his personal life, particularly his relationship with Diana, is his conscious choice.

It remains to be seen how this dynamic between his personal life and professional pursuits will unfold and whether he will strike a balance that satisfies both his music fans and those who appreciate his family-oriented content.


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