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“Ruto Promised So Many Things And Delivered Nothing” – South African Opposition Leader Julius Malema


Julius Malema expressed sympathy for Kenyans because of Ruto’s empty promises.

The controversial South African opposition figure poked holes in President William Ruto’s campaign promises.

Speaking during the launch of the Pan African Institute at the Lukenya University in Makueni County on Thursday, November 9, 2023, Malema criticized Ruto for giving promises he couldn’t deliver.

“I don’t know if President William Ruto means it because he said so many things and I can’t locate him these days because the things he said during election and the things he is doing right now are two different things,” Malema said.

“I don’t know, because I heard him saying we need to do away with the dollar and build our own currency but his actions are not speaking to anything of doing away with the dollar,” he added.

Malema, who leads the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), further criticized Ruto for rolling out the red carpet for British King Charles III who recently visited Kenya.

The firebrand South African opposition figure blamed King Charles for colonial atrocities committed in Kenya, arguing that it was an insult for the nation’s army to salute him.

“The latest being putting a red carpet for a murderer a person who killed Kenyan people coming into this country, receiving a red carpet and being saluted by our own army. This is not a colonialist army, the Kenyan army is a product of the Mau Mau rebellion and those who killed our people in the Mau Mau rebellion cannot be saluted by the same army of the children of those who were killed during Mau Mau rebellion,” Malema charged.

The controversial EFF leader also took issues with the king’s refusal to apologise for British brutal imperial past during his visit to Kenya.

“We have a duty to stay true to the course, we have a duty to remind the king and Britain of what they did to us. In deed he shows no remorse, he says ‘this was bad it shouldn’t have happened’ but he runs short of ‘I apologise, I am sorry’. He would never say he is sorry because he thinks that his race makes him superior and he is not qualified to apologise to those who are junior to him,” Malema said.

Malema has long courted controversy and has been accused of hate speech against white South Africans who form nearly eight per cent of the country’s population.


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