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“Hatujakuwla 5 Years!” Pritty Vishy And Her Mother Open Up On Suffering Dryspell For Years

Pritty Vishy and her mother are suffering serious lungula dryspell.

Content Creator Pritty Vishy and her mother have been doing things together online since she returned from Saudi Arabia.

The two had not seen each other for over five years since she began working in the gulf. On her return, she revealed how happy she was to see her daughter’s growth.

Pritty Vishy’s mother claims she’s not had an intimate encounter with a man for five years but it’s understandable since she’s been working in Arabia where such is treated with caution if one is not married.

Her mother insists its also hard to find a good man to be in a relationship with.

Pritty Vishy on her end says she’s been practicing celibacy for seven years.

The popular content creator became famous for dating Kibera rapper Stevo Simple Boy but their love was cut off after their highly publicised break up.

Since then, Pritty and Stevo have been chasing clout announcing new relationships often.


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