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Socialite Risper Faith Explains Decision To Bleach Her Entire Body 

At the launch of Phoina Tosha’s new clinic, former Nairobi Diaries star Risper Faith delved into a controversial yet deeply personal topic, shedding light on her decision to bleach her skin and challenging prevailing beauty standards in Nairobi.

In a candid statement, the mother of one defended her to bleach her body, attributing it to societal pressures and personal desires.

“Let us be honest, most men in Nairobi love light-skinned girls. Most girls have bleached their skin. It is not a bad thing. I also bleached mine. Who doesn’t want to be loved? I still bleach when I notice I am becoming dark in certain areas of my body,” she stated, sparking a lively debate about the implications of such practices on beauty ideals.

Married to a wealthy man, Risper hinted at undergoing further cosmetic procedures, revealing plans for a breast augmentation following her recent weight-loss surgery.

“After September, I am allowed to do any surgery I want. We are doing together, big secret – Amber Ray – We are doing at the same place, twin boobies,” she disclosed with a laugh, shedding light on the glamorously intertwined world of celebrity cosmetic enhancements.

Addressing misconceptions about her marriage to Brian Muiruri, Risper clarified that her relationship wasn’t founded on material wealth.

Recounting their early days, she explained Muiruri’s initial modest presentation, stating, “The true story that most people don’t know is that I never fell in love with him because of his money. When I first met him, he didn’t look like a man of means to me. He didn’t show me any money; I think that’s typical of ‘Kikuyu’ men. Even those with deep pockets never appear as wealthy as you would expect.”

Reflecting on their relationship’s evolution, Risper recounted how Muiruri initially admired her physical appearance but grew to appreciate her genuine and kind nature over time.

“When I met him I was broke, no make-up, no fancy clothes, just me and desperate to find someone real who would love me for who I was. However, despite my poor financial status, I think what he fell for at first was my good physique. But over time he also realised that I was a very genuine and kind person and he fell in love with that too,” she shared, offering insight into the complexities of attraction and love amidst societal expectations.

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