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Margaret Wanjiru Stirs Netizens As She Receives Miraculous Healing On Her Legs

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru of Jesus Is Alive Ministries was injured and couldn’t walk without support, when her church was was ambushed and partially demolished a few days ago.

However on Sunday, she miraculously received healing and gained her mobility after being prayed for  by a youthful member of her church.

Wanjriu shared the good news on Facebook saying, “Today I got so encouraged when a young man called Oscar decided to exercise his faith by praying for my legs to get healed. I received my miracle instantly and started walking!

“Sometimes even us who pray for others need the prayers. The Word that we preach to others must also work for us. It is very encouraging to see the next generation walking in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, indeed revival is here with us!To God be the Glory!” she further wrote.
The message was accompanied by a video of the miraculous moment when she received healing.
In the video, Wanjiru, who was seated at the altar summoned Oscar saying that he prayed for his own mother and she got healed.
Wanjiru told the young man that she is also his mother and he can heal also her.
Oscar began praying in tongues while holding Wanjiru’s feet as he applied oil
Wanjiru also joined him while speaking in tongues.
After prayers, Wanjiru asked him to remove the bindings on her legs so that she could get on her feet and see if the miracles had worked.
She was helped  by her aides in making the first few steps and later, she embarked on walking on her own, without the help of crutches.
Her congregants were captured celebrating the moment with her.
The video has however sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans; here are some of their comments.
Joy: The drama in these churches!
Hillary Adala: The Kenyan churches weueh, sometimes they can embarrass us.
Commenting on her video, others glorified God for the healing as they acknowledged the gift of healing that Oscar had been bestowed with.


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