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“I am The One Who Brought Corona Virus” Prophet Owuor Confesses

Prophet David Owuor, the founder of Repentance and Holiness has left Kenyans talking after revealing that he is responsible for bringing Corona Virus to the world

The first Covid 19 case in Kenya was first reported in March 12, 2020. It was that of a 27-year old woman who had travelled from US via London. Over 5,000 people lost their lives in the pandemic, with the number of confirmed cases being  344,094 in December 2023.

The disease however originated from Wuhan, China with the first incidences being reported in November 2019.

During a crusade at Menegai Grounds in Nakuru last weekend, the man of God made the revelations urging Kenyans not to challenge him.

“Kenya don’t try me, I beg you. If I destroy you I destroy totally forever. But for now, I am giving you grace. I am the one that brought coronavirus, look how many people died at my words,” Prophet Owuor said.

Among those who attended the healing crusade is Mumias East MP peter Salasya. Speaking about the event, Salasya said that he witnessed the healing.

In a separate post, the lawmaker noted that Owuor was more powerful as compared to Benny Hinn, who was in the country towards the end of last month.

“Prophet Owuor ako more powerful than pastor Benny Hinn. I prefer his meetings. More were healed today than waht happened at Nyayo stadium. I will always attend his meetings na mtu asiniulize why. I love their worship,” he wrote on Facebook.


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