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R.I.P: Crazy Kennar Mourns His Newly Born Child’s Death

Content Creator and comic Crazy Kennar sadly  lost his newborn just four days ago.

Crazy Kennar found himself unable to control emotions of grief while still in the midst of a joyous celebration. During his sold-out Happy Country show at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), Kennar disclosed the devastating news that his son had passed away just four days prior.

The revelation unfolded against the backdrop of a jubilant atmosphere, with fans gathered in large numbers to partake in the comedian’s first-ever Stand-up comedy show. Despite the festive ambiance, Kennar, visibly shaken, bravely addressed the audience, bearing the weight of his recent loss.

Crazy Kennar shared the challenge of balancing the preparation and coordination of the much-anticipated event with the profound grief he and his family were experiencing.

Being able to balance moments of joy and sorrow painted a raw and authentic picture of the complexities of life, particularly for those in the public eye.

Kennar’s message to the audience resonated with a plea for empathy and connection. He urged people to reach out and inquire about the well-being of those who may appear happy on the surface, emphasizing the importance of being each other’s support in times of need.

Despite the personal tragedy he faced, Kennar’s Happy Country show was a resounding success, attended by fans from various parts of the country and prominent celebrities.


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