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“Nimekuliwa Bibi!” Stevo Simple Boy In Tears After Wife Is Impregnated By Another Man

“Hakuna kitu iko na uchungu kama kukuliwa bibi!” Netizens react as they comfort Stevo Simple Boy.

The marriage of Kenyan singer Stevo Simple Boy appears to be facing tumultuous times as reports circulate that his wife, Grace Atieno, is allegedly carrying another man’s child. The revelation has reportedly left the singer in a state of depression, grappling with the harsh reality that the woman he married may have conceived outside their wedlock.

Sources claim that Stevo Simple Boy, known for his candid and often emotionally charged music, has been deeply affected by the news. The pain and confusion he feels are unbearable, as he contemplates the implications of a troubled marriage and the betrayal of trust.

Reports reveal that he has been wrestling with the situation, attempting to come to terms with the fact that his wife may be expecting a child with someone else.

Stevo Simple Boy vehemently denied responsibility for the pregnancy. In his explanation, he says that they had not been living together for some time, and his wife returned to him already pregnant.

As fans and well-wishers speculate about the future of the singer’s marriage, it remains to be seen what he will do and netizens can’t wait for his bitter Ex Pritty Vishy to comment.

As the story continues to unfold, the public watches with a mix of empathy and curiosity, hopeful that Stivo Simple Boy finds the strength to navigate through.


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