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A Video Of Zari Hassan Begging Diamond Platnumz To See His Kids Goes Viral

“Hawa wanakulana bwana! Nyinyi mtarudiana tu! Netizens say after watching the sweet video of Zari Hassan and Diamond.

Zari Hassan, the Ugandan businesswoman and socialite, was recorded publicly appealed to her ex-partner, Diamond Platnumz, urging him to spend time with their children before she departs South Africa.

Despite their past romantic entanglements, the two former lovers seem to have maintained an amicable relationship for the sake of their shared responsibilities as co-parents.

Zari, who has often been open about her commitment to fostering a healthy co-parenting dynamic, took to social media to express her desire for Diamond Platnumz to have quality time with their children before she leaves the country.

It is important for both parents to set time and maintaining a strong connection between Diamond and his kids.

The fact that Zari and Diamond Platnumz are still on good terms is noteworthy in itself, especially considering the complexities that often accompany high-profile breakups.

Their willingness to set aside personal differences for the well-being of their children serves as a positive example of mature co-parenting.

Zari and Diamond still have some chemistry and netizens believe one day they will get back together.

Zuchu and his boss Diamond have also been involved with each other although her mother claimed she’s not aware of their love relationship.


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