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Hamisa Mobetto Goes Back To Flirting With Rick Ross After Breaking Up With Togolese Boyfriend 


Last week, Hamisa Mobetto made headlines by announcing her single status during an interview with Tanzanian blog Zamaradi TV.

Mobetto disclosed she had parted ways with her China-based Togolese boyfriend Kevin Sowax.

Over the weekend, Mobetto posted captivating photos from a beach location, catching the attention of none other than Rick Ross.

The exchange between the two on social media sparked excitement among fans, leading to speculation about a potential rekindling of their past romance.

Responding to Mobetto’s post, Rick Ross expressed his admiration with an explosive emoji, indicating his awe.

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Mobetto reciprocated the sentiment with a playful kiss emoji.

Netizens couldn’t help but react with laughter, affectionately referring to Rick Ross as “Shem, Shem,” a term used to denote close relations.

In 2022, Rick Ross had openly discussed his relationship with Mobetto during a live Instagram session, prompting Mobetto to clarify their status.

In response, Rick Ross playfully affirmed, “Yes, she’s mine.” However, in 2023, amidst mounting pressure for further clarification, Mobetto set the record straight, asserting that they are simply best friends.

“Rick Ross and I are best friends. We have never been in a romantic relationship, despite appearances suggesting otherwise,” Mobetto declared, putting an end to speculations about their romantic involvement.

Their alleged romance had garnered attention since 2021, particularly following a video of them together in Dubai.

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