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Kanyari Reveals The Weird Gifts He Received In Church Disappeared

Pastor Kanyari has said that he was relieved after meeting with MCSK boss Ezekiel Mutua.

A day prior to their publicized meeting, Kanyari said that he was so stressed and very emotional following the criticism that he had faced after entertaining a woman who brought him bedroom gifts at his church’s altar.

Kanyari’s stress also resulted from comments that Mutua had made on the matter. Mutua had said that he would initiate Kanyari’s arrest and ban on TikTok.

Following their meeting, Mutua, who is very keen on morals, said that he would mentor Kanyari and the mentorship classes had already began.

Speaking to the media after their meeting, Kanyari admitted that he was not sure Mutua would pick his call let alone meet him, because of his rank and busy schedule.

“Am feeling good. On Thursday nilikuwa nalia na nimemtafuta daktari sana,” Kanyari said, adding that he had apologized for his wrongs.

Kanyari further said that on fateful Sunday, where he was handed weird gifts, he was carried away by excitement that over 200 TikTokers had come to his church, such that he didn’t take seriously the condom issue until the word left his church, sparking reactions among Kenyans.

” Nimezoea kuona wamama, wazee, watu wamekomaa sa nikaona vijana, nilifurahi sana nikajisahau hata huyo akitoa condom sikushtuka,” the self proclaimed prophet said.

He said that from that day onwards, he would have body guards and tight security at his church’s premises to avoid such embarrassing scenarios.

Kanyari added that the incident was not scripted as many claimed.

“Ofcourse siwezipanga kitu kama hio ambayo itaniharibia jina. Hio itanimaliza badala iniinue. Hata afadhali ningepanga kitu ingine itanisaidia. Hio haiwezinisaidia,” the preacher said.

He also revealed that the weird gifts disappeared and he didn’t  take them home.

” Mimi sikuichukua serious. Nimekuwa pastor for 25 years, sasa hata nikapata condom naijua naionanga kwa barabara kila mahali sasa haikunishtua sana. Nilichukua zile condom alinipatia I think zilipotelea kwa madhabahu sijui kama ziko,” he said.





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