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Pastor Ng’ang’a Calls Rev Lucy Natasha ‘Mad Woman’ For Having 10 Male Bodyguards 

“10 young men? Wewe mama ata wewe uko na wazimu,” Pastor Ng’ang’a fired at Rev Lucy Natasha.

Rev Lucy Natasha is known for her tight security which usually comprises young men.

The preacher’s security detail often wears clothes that match hers whenever she steps out.


Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a took issues with Rev Lucy Natasha’s security while preaching at his Neno Evangelism Center church.

Ng’ang’a expressed disbelief at the sight of Natasha being surrounded by 10 security personnel.

“I recently saw another female preacher being guarded by 10 men. Here in Nairobi, 10 young men? Kwani your God doesn’t have His security? Wewe mama ata wewe uko na wazimu,” he exclaimed.

Pastor Ng’ang’a did not limit his critique to female preachers; he also took aim at male ministers who deliver sermons in hard English in rural areas where the majority speak the local dialect.

“You will also see another preacher in Murang’a speaking in English confusing even the interpreter. In Murang’a where everyone speaks the mother tongue.

“I am like, ‘I can’t hear what you are saying preacher.’ Just because they want to live by American standards. Then you go and see them driving a Harrier. They have such cars, Prado is not a car for someone not to know Kiswahili. Even asking for water? Kiburi tupu,” he said.

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