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Jalang’o Introduces His Grown First Born Daughter Whom He Sired With Cheptoek Boyo

“The queen is not so young anymore,” Jalang’o said while enjoying a ride with his daughter Salika.

The Lang’ata MP introduced his first-born child Salika alias Sally after a long time.

Jalang’o rarely posts his children. He only posted Salika a long time ago when she was just a little girl.

jalango daughter

However, Jalang’o recently shared a lovely video of a grown Salika and him enjoying a ride together.

In the video which he posted on social media, Jalang’o is seen with Salika on the back seat of the car.

Salika was clad in school uniform as they were being driven to some undisclosed location.

Jalang’o further accompanied the video with a caption gushing over how his daughter has really grown and also the time that they spent together.

“The queen is not so young anymore… Spent time with my mum namesake,” he wrote.

Jalang’o further assured Salika of his love and this was via the song that she accompanied the video with. It was actually Reason8’s song dubbed ‘Daddy’s Love’.


Salika is actually the daughter that Jalang’o sired with his baby mama Cheptoek Boyo, who is an actress and a blogger many years ago.

Jalang’o and Cheptoek Boyo are co-parenting as the Lang’ata MP is married to Amina Chao.

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