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Pastor Kanyari Defends Decision To Receive Condoms At Church Pulpit 

Kenyan pastor Victor Kanyari has found himself at the center of controversy after accepting a gift of condoms from a TikTok lady, prompting a wave of backlash from the public.

However, in an unexpected twist, Pastor Kanyari has chosen to defend his actions, advocating for compassion and prayer rather than condemnation.

In a statement addressing the uproar, Pastor Kanyari emphasized the inclusive nature of his church, asserting that it is a place for individuals to seek redemption and transform their lives.

He underscored the importance of welcoming all individuals, regardless of their background or profession, citing the acceptance of prostitutes within his congregation as an example.

“If we push her away, she may never come back to God. But if we give her a chance, she can change her ways and turn back to God,” Pastor Kanyari stated, urging for empathy and understanding towards the TikTok lady.

“We should pray for her, because she is our sister, and only God will judge her.”

The pastor’s response has elicited a mixed reaction from the public, with some applauding his message of compassion while others criticize him for what they perceive as leniency.

While accepting condoms may be deemed inappropriate for a religious figure, Pastor Kanyari’s willingness to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds has been commended by some.

The controversy surrounding Pastor Kanyari’s actions has also sparked a broader debate on the role of the church in society.

Should it serve as a place of judgment and condemnation, or as a sanctuary of love, acceptance, and redemption?

Pastor Kanyari’s stance suggests the latter, advocating for a space where individuals can seek forgiveness and embark on a new path, irrespective of their past transgressions.

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