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“Parliament Kunanuka Vibaya Sana” Eric Omondi Vows To Send Home Sitting MPs

Comedian-turned activist Eric Omondi has maintained that he will vie for a seat in the 2027 general elections.

He unveiled strategies that would be used to send home all MPs except for a few, who are carrying out their mandate as expected.

“Tuta-vie in multitudes. We are going to start talking to young people. We are going to start educating young people, mobilizing young people to wipe clean the Kenyan parliament in 2027. Very few elements will remain, the likes of Babu Owino. Tutaimba mawimbo, tutatoa ma-billboard. Tutaimba mawimbo tutaongelesha vijana wasimame juu kule ndani kumerot, kunanuka vibaya, lazima tupige duster tuoshe, tu-paint that is what the conversation we are having,” Eric  said in an interview with Kenya Online media.

The comedian said that most of the people in the 2027 parliament should be news faces and young generation, who are on Tiktok, saying they know where the world is heading to.

“We need a change of guard in leadership,” he said.

Asked on whether he will change and be like a typical politician who offers false promises, Eric said;

“Mike Sonko is one of my mentors. He is the only politician mwenye alikuwa senator akaongeza volume ya kitu alikuwa anafanya before akakuwa governor akaongeza volume  mpaka akatolewa. I believe that the next group of leaders must sign a tangible, physical document before they are sworn in that says ‘if you opened your mouth and said I will’ na ukose, the people wanakutoa. That way people will be held accountable but kwetu ni free flow.”

Eric went on to suggested that parliament should actually be relocated, or powerful pastors to unite and conduct  one month prayers for it.

“There is something there. Something is off,” he said.


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