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Amber Ray Claims Kamba’s Don’t Need Okra Water Their Nunu Is Wet Naturally

Amber Ray brags that Kamba ladies are the best in bed in Kenya even as most netizens say, don’t settle down before dating a Kambodia.

Socialite Amber Ray expressed her thoughts on the popular trend of drinking Okra water for enhanced sexual pleasure. She confidently stated that Kamba women, like herself, don’t need Okra water because they possess natural prowess in bed. Amber Ray’s remarks have stirred discussions across social media platforms.

The craze surrounding Okra water has been spreading like wildfire, with many touting its benefits for sexual stimulation in women.

This drink has gained attention due to its purported ability to increase libido and overall sexual wellness.

The key lies in the nutrients found in okra, such as zinc and vitamin C, which are known to support a healthy reproductive system.

However, Amber Ray stands firm in her belief that Kamba women inherently possess what it takes to excel in the bedroom without the need for supplements like Okra water. Her words showing a sense of pride in her heritage and a confidence in the natural abilities of Kamba women.

While some may swear by the benefits of Okra water and its potential to enhance sexual pleasure, others, like Amber Ray, remain steadfast in their conviction that such enhancements are unnecessary for those who already possess natural abilities.


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