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Eric Omondi Goes To The Help Of Woman Who Lost 7 Family Members In Grisly Road Accident

Eric Omondi is seeking financial support for a woman who lost seven family members who died in a road accident while traveling from Mombasa to Molo.

The distressed woman has been unable to raise money to bury her family members.

The bodies of the woman’s lost kin are currently preserved at the mortuary but she is also not able to pay for the preservation service.

Eric Omondi has encouraged Kenyans to donate money to help the woman accord her family members a decent sendoff.

“This Woman Travelled all the way from Molo to come and see me. She lost 7 Members of her Family in one Tragic Accident as they traveled from Mombasa to Molo.

“They have a Hospital Bill of 3.9 Million for the 3 Surviving Members but all they are asking now is Just to bury their loved ones.

“All they need is Hearses to Carry the Bodies and 7 Coffins. You can only Imagine what this Family is going through right now after losing 4 Children and 3 Adults in one Accident.

“All the People you see in this Video Apart from Anna lost their lives in the Tragic Accident. We are going to help them bury these loved ones this Tuesday in Molo. TEAM SISI KWA SISI Send whatever you can to her number 0721229058 (NAME: ANN KIPOS),” Eric Omondi wrote.


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Eric Omondi has been involved in supporting needy people around the country for the last few years. He has been mobilizing fundraising events for many people in the country.

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