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Otile’s Ex Manager Noriega Looking For Driver After Buying A 17 Million Lexus LX 570

Otile Brown’s former manager, Noriega, has made headlines after acquiring a brand new Lexus LX 570 worth a staggering Ksh 17 million. The expensive purchase has left many wondering about Noriega’s newfound financial muscle and the motivations behind such a lavish acquisition.

Noriega, who parted ways with the Kenyan singer Otile Brown in recent times, took to social media to showcase his new ride, a sleek Lexus LX 570, known for its opulence and advanced features. The announcement was accompanied by a caption that hinted at an additional quest – Noriega is on the lookout for a personal driver.

The move has stirred conversations not only about Noriega’s elevated lifestyle but also about the circumstances leading to such a significant purchase. Fans and industry observers are curious about the source of Noriega’s newfound wealth and the rationale behind opting for such an extravagant vehicle.

The Lexus LX 570 is renowned for its luxurious interior, cutting-edge technology, and robust performance, making it a status symbol among the affluent. Noriega’s choice of this high-end vehicle has only intensified the speculation surrounding his financial standing.

Via Instagram Noriega says,”Failure has taught me way more than success ever did….Last year was a tough year for me and my company @rkc_cartel . I failed miserably 🤦🏾‍♂️. Spent the better part of last year handling legal issues left right & centre……Lost soo much money and business opportunities.”

“It’s crazy how when a young entrepreneur wonna build something great, they always trynna fight you….I always see right through the BS….. I have great plans for @rkc_cartel and I don’t plan to stop. I pray this year brings forth great blessings and success for everyone.” He further adds.

“Looking for a very experienced and professional driver. Send me a resume on the DM. I plan to move different this year. My goal has always been to do this music business on a different level!!!! So help me God 🙏🏽” He continues.


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