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10 Things You Should Know About John Matara

John Matara has been trending following the sad death of Starlet Wahu.

The name John Matara has become synonymous with a series of disturbing allegations and criminal activities. Here are 10 things about the man whose life has taken a dark and unexpected turn.

John Matara reportedly went to Butere Boys High School, where he was a part of the class of 2009. He was allegedly expelled from school for substance abuse, particularly for his involvement with marijuana use.

Going back to his high school days, Matara was known for embracing the Rastafarian lifestyle.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Matara showcased immense talent as a graffiti artist and reggae musician during his high school years. His artistic abilities and passion for music painted a different picture of the man he would later become.

At 34 years old, John Matara has become a prominent figure due to the shocking events surrounding him following the death of Pastor Kanyari’s sister Starlet Wahu. His age suggests that these alleged crimes have occurred over an extended period and he could have taken advantage of many people, adding complexity to the unfolding story.

The most disturbing revelation is Matara’s alleged involvement in the murder case of Starlet Wahu and new other victims coming out to identify him as having lured them in the same manner he did Starlet Wahu. The details surrounding this incident are still emerging, leaving the public in shock and disbelief.

Matara’s alleged crimes extends beyond a single incident. Authorities claim that he is accused of harming more women, with potential victims emerging from Thika and Kahawa Sukari following his arrest already.

Matara’s full legal name is John Ong’oa Matara, a detail that becomes relevant as his legal battles unfold. This identity is now associated with a string of serious criminal allegations that could lead to life imprisonment as the name is seen in his transfers of money from victims.

As law enforcement continues to investigate the case, the public waits anxiously for more details to emerge, hoping for justice for the victims and closure for the affected families.John Matara


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