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Netizens Ask Questions As Family Buries Starlet Wahu Fast

Wahu Starlet, a sister to Pastor Kanyari was laid to rest yesterday at their home in Kamulu.

Netizens are raising questions as the family of the late Starlet Wahu laid her to rest at her parent’s home in Kamulu just two days after her tragic murder. The 24-year-old aspiring socialite was found dead at a South B Airbnb on Thursday morning, allegedly killed by a man identified as John Matara.

The shocking news of Wahu’s brutal murder quickly spread across social media platforms, prompting many to inquire about the circumstances surrounding her untimely death. CCTV footage released by the police displayed Wahu with Matara, dressed in distinctive outfits, waiting for an elevator at the scene of the crime.

Matara, now the primary suspect, is currently held at the Industrial Police station as investigations unfold. The crime scene revealed crucial evidence, including an HIV test kit, a used condom, and a knife believed to be the murder weapon.

However, amid the ongoing investigations, some Kenyans are expressing concern over the swift burial of Wahu, which occurred just three days after her murder. This departure from the customary mourning period of a week, especially within the Kikuyu community to which Wahu belonged, has left many perplexed.

On Twitter, users like Omwamba are questioning the haste in Wahu’s burial. In a tweet, Omwamba wrote, “Why was Starlet Wahu buried in less than 72 hours? What was the hurry for?” This sentiment reflects a shared curiosity among netizens, as cultural norms often dictate a more extended mourning period before laying a loved one to rest.

As the investigation into the motive and details of the murder continues, the unconventional timeline of Wahu’s burial adds another layer of intrigue to a case that has already captured the attention and concern among netizens.


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